Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all of your books New Releases?

We do our very best to bring you brand new books (often before the general public can acquire them), but in our mission to always bring you the BEST in Amish fiction, we may have to fill boxes with a recently released book now and then.


Are all of your books Christian fiction?

Many of the books we offer are either classified as Christian fiction or written from a Christian world view. However, since the Amish do not specifically consider themselves to be Christian, this classification typically has more to do with the publishing house who releases the book. Also, Amish fiction is (for the most part) inherently clean anyway.


Are any of your books by Indie authors?

We make every effort to bring you the absolute best of Amish fiction, whether that be by trade authors or indie. More and more authors appear every day – and with the ever-changing face of publishing, many of them are indie, and many mainstream authors are going indie as well.


What if I receive a book I already have?

As we endeavor to bring you NEW releases each month, this should not be a common occurrence. Also, since we intend to reveal the name of our featured author each month, the book will not truly be a mystery. However, there is a small risk that you will occasionally end up with duplicate books. We like to think that the extras included make this a worthwhile risk (not to mention the books will be signed)!

If you end up with a book you already own, surprise a friend with it! Or consider donating it to your local library…


What do I do if I want to put my subscription on hold?

We hope to offer this feature in the future, but at this time, we are unable to pause subscriptions. If you subscribe, your credit card will be charged each month until you tell us you wish to discontinue your subscription. If you wish to start up again, you only have to come to the site and subscribe again.  And if you continue to receive our newsletter each month, you will have that as a reminder.

Likewise, three-month / six-month subscriptions will be auto-renewed every period until you request a cancellation.


What countries do you ship to?

For the moment we are only able to ship to the continental US and Canada. We are striving to find ways that we may offer more overseas customers affordable shipping.





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