The first step is up to you:

No doubt you saw our message on the HOME page. If you enjoy Amish fiction, you are definitely in the right place.

They say the first step is the most difficult, but this is it. You’ve taken it. So, it’s all downhill from here – as they say.



What we do:

A big part of why we are here is that we are book lovers! If we did not LOVE to read, we would not be very good judges of what you – as the consumer – might also enjoy.

Ergo – step two…

This where our job comes in. At the moment, we are just getting the ball rolling, but at some point we hope to be able to say that we spend months reading hundreds of early manuscripts of upcoming novels (admit it – you wish you had our job), in order to select the very best books to include in our boxes!  For now, we have a book in mind for our very first box and we truly hope everyone will love it as much as we do – and no, it will probably not be a NEW release by the time the first box goes out, but it will not exactly be old either.

Each box will contain one brand new novel (though not always a NEW release), as well as 6-10 other bookish keepsakes to help set the mood for your reading and fandoming pleasure. We are already hard at work recruiting the best artists and designers to help us put together an exceptional array of #BOOKISH keepsakes for you to enjoy while you read and forever after!

Every box will be built with a fun and creative theme in mind, and will also include special goodies right from the author!

Where you go from there:

Obviously once the box arrives, you get the pleasure of discovering all of the wonderful goodies we have put together for you! And I am certain – as an Amish fiction loving bookworm myself – that the first thing you will do is spend a precious few minutes oohing and ahhing over each item.

After that, don’t forget to document and share your experience with the thousands [we hope] of other bookworms online! Our community is growing every minute – with wonderful clean-read loving people!

We’re thrilled to know you are one of us!





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